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This project narrates a journey through my own habitat. Inspired by wildlife documentaries and using the same language and storytelling techniques applied to describe natural environments and faraway places, I document the commonness and normality of the everyday life in a local, urban and domestic place.

Through photographic sequences that transform landscape into portrait and viceversa, the images from the project describe a world and its inhabitants. A place in which the continuous roar of the traffic, just like the breaking of the waves, the blowing of the wind or any other natural phenomenon, reveals fleeting moments of calm, beauty and tranquility. By following the trail of the natural in the unnatural the hunting is recreated in the search for dialogue or confrontation with the space in which we live in.

Grants and Awards

Winner project XVII Seminario de Fotografía y Periodismo de Albarracin 2017

Selected project at SCAN Photobooks Festival Internacional de Fotografía SCAN, Tarragona 2016 

Finalist DOCfield Dummy Award 2016

Winner project at Pa-ta-ta Festival Internacional de Fotografía Emergente 2015


Ante Vuestros Ojos

Cultura Joven

El Asombrario (2017)



El Asombrario (2015)




Tapa blanda

Rústica fresada

50 imágenes

80 páginas

tamaño 18,7cm x 14,2cm

dummy safari




Galería Cero curated by Carmen Dalmau

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